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Strummer Singer Songwriter (acoustic) debut album

Strummer Singer Songwriter (acoustic) album coverThursday 22 December 2011: My album Strummer Singer Songwriter (acoustic), is now available for preview or purchase on iTunes, just search within your iTunes application for Paul Strummer. The album artwork is the usual light green sketch artwork. The album, containing 12 tracks, is £7.99 (67p per track) or tracks purchased individually are 79p. Click on the iTunes button below to see the album on the iTunes website.
Strummer Singer Songwriter (acoustic) - Paul Strummer

Wednesday 30 November 2011: My debut album is now ready! The album has the title "Strummer Singer Songwriter (acoustic)", to chart my 4 year progress from absolute music beginner in 2007 just strumming covers on a guitar, to singing along, to finally writing original songs and creating a 12 track debut album in 2011. The songs can best be described overall as "acoustic pop", and include upbeat toe tappers, easy listeners, soul, Britpop, folk/country, fun songs, love songs, rant songs, message songs and sad songs.

I'll bring along CD versions of my album to local open mic nights (at a special price of £5 to thank you for supporting local live music), so please check the events/gigs section to see which events I'm going to. The CD insert includes lyrics and guitar chords for all the songs, to help any sing alongers or guitarists out there!

Strummer Singer Songwriter (acoustic) album cover

The album has now been submitted to the major commercial download sites like iTunes and Amazon, and should be available to download, at standard store download pricing, from those sites in the next few weeks.

The album was recorded at my home in Wellingborough, and all songs were performed acoustically with just me singing and playing guitar at the same time, no loops, no backing, no multiple layers, in order to convey a live one person open mic sound.

Track listing:

01. What's Special With You
02. Twist Of Fortune
03. Out Of The Maze
04. Waiting For The Sign
05. My Gift To You
06. Happy Happy Birthday
07. Devil Comes A Knocking
08. Guilt Trip
09. Summer Rain
10. This Tour
11. Rest Of Your Life
12. One Chord Song

From the CD insert back page:

Recorded in Paul's living room, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, UK. All songs recorded with Paul just singing and playing acoustic guitar at the same time. No multiple recording layers. All songs written by Paul, mostly in spring and summer 2011, except This Tour (spring 2010). Thanks to Rob, Adam, Stevie and Bob for your acoustic open mic hosting and your encouragement which gave me the confidence to get to this debut album release stage. Thanks to my wife Tracey, family and friends (especially Darren) who have given feedback to early song versions. Cheers, Paul Strummer.