Debut Album: Strummer Singer Songwriter (acoustic)

Strummer Singer Songwriter (acoustic) is Paul Strummer's debut album released 6 December 2011. It has 12 original songs, all recorded solo acoustically at Paul's home, with Paul playing guitar and singing at the same time, to give a feel of an intimate live solo acoustic gig.

One this page you can listen to the full album via the Reverbnation embedded widget, but there are also some clickable play icons next to the song titles so you can see recent live performances ( acoustic guitar, electric guitar) of these songs, some live looped, and even some covers/remixes from local artists (). With some of the live looped performances there will be some bass, so if you're listening on devices with tinny speakers you might want to use headphones to hear the bass.

01. What's Special With You - - -
02. Twist Of Fortune -
03. Out Of The Maze -
04. Waiting For The Sign - - -
05. My Gift To You -
06. Happy Happy Birthday -
07. Devil Comes A Knocking - - -
08. Guilt Trip -
09. Summer Rain -
10. This Tour -
11. Rest Of Your Life - - -
12. One Chord Song -

The album is available for £7.99, on major download stores and streaming sites including :
Apple iTunes

The album is also available to stream for free in a slightly lower streaming quality from ReverbNation.

Jewel Case CDs are also available at Paul's live gigs for £5, and at Wildfire Sessions's gigs. The CD insert includes lyrics and guitar chords for all the songs, to help any sing alongers or guitarists out there!

Paul continues to perform some of the songs from this album live, with new up-beat up-key live-looped arrangements of songs like Devil Comes A Knocking, Waiting For The Sign, What's Special With You, and Rest Of Your Life. A live looped version of Devil Comes A Knocking is available on Paul's free EP Live Looped at Wellingborough Party In The Park 2015.

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