Paul Strummer - Songs in Progress

Original Songs

Since my second album release in 2013 I have been regularly writing new original songs, but in most cases I don't do much with them, except note them down, and put them to one side until I'm ready to record a new album (a third album early 2019).

November 2017: No Rhyme No Reason - this one is definitely going on the third album:

As for other songs which which might not belong on an album, here are some of those songs...

June 2017: The Belly Dancer and the Flake Advert Song - this is currently more of a semi-original mash-up which includes a well known ditty, but it will go on the next album as just "Belly Dancer" with an original chorus replacing the ditty, it's definitely a bit of fun to play live:

December 2016: Naughty Or Nice - a Christmas song with some explicit lyrics, I'm not sure whether this one will end up on an album either, but then again Queen's Thank God It's Christmas didn't end up on any of their albums too!

Songwriting Collaborations

In 2013, a few months after my second album release, I had a listen to a couple of original guitar instrumentals which local Corby-based guitarist Mark Gill created, performed and posted as rough cuts on youtube. I contacted Mark to see if he would be OK about me writing some lyrics and coming up with a lead vocal melody to perform over those songs, an approach known in the music business as top line songwriting.

Luckily for me, Mark was happy for me to do this, and here are the 2 songs we ended up with...

October 2013: I'll Find My Way - a rock/country/folk style song about revenge, written very much with Western film stories, and songs like God's Gonna Cut You Down, in mind!

October 2013: Falling For Your Love - an old school soul song.

The interesting thing about both of these songs is that Mark and I never got together to write them. It was all done virtually over the web. Mark did his bit originally and put it on youtube, and I added my bit and put it on youtube. We have met up and jammed together since then at my local open mic/jam night at The Horseshoe Wellingborough, but we haven't played these songs together live yet.

Unfortunately, being busy with other commitments, both Mark and I haven't done much with these songs since 2013. I've had a go at performing I'll Find My Way solo in 2016, and I'll continue with this going forward. Hopefully these songs will end up on an album one day, or perhaps a special EP, when the time is right. But in the meantime, please do enjoy these songs in their first rough cut format.

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