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Gear4Music Deluxe Sapeli Electro Acoustic Guitar Review

by Paul Strummer, February 2013

I've had my £85 Gear4Music Deluxe Single Cutaway Sapeli electro acoustic guitar for almost 2 years now, and I still like it very much, so I thought this would be a good time to do a review of the guitar. The video review is nearly 30 minutes long, so quite indepth - I must obviously like talking about and playing my guitar!

I got my guitar in March 2011, started open mic'ing with it in October 2011, wrote the 12 songs for my debut album with it in 2011, recorded my debut album with it at the end of 2011, and I have continued to write another 12 songs for my forthcoming second album, and gig with the guitar ever since (mainly at local pub open mics and acoustic nights). Around the middle of 2012 I changed the Belcat Prener pickup for a different Belcat Prener pickup more suited for live performance, but now I'm ready to record my second album I decided to get another guitar, the same guitar, because the original pickup is more suited for recording. So I now have 2 guitars, one for live and one for recording. And it is with this recent guitar purchase that I decided to create this review, since I could review the guitar exactly as it comes from Guitar4Music, before I start customising it, adjusting the action, using different strings etc.

This also means that this review is actually 4 reviews in 1. A review of the new guitar, a review of the guitar after 2 years of use, a review of the Belcat Prener preamp that ships with the guitar, and a review of a different Belcat Prener preamp. I also mention the Behringer Guitar Link UCG102 which I use to connect the preamp to the PC to record the audio from the preamp.

In the review I demonstrate the acoustic sound, I talk about the preamp and what makes it different from other guitars and show why it is good for home recording on a budget, I preview the songs I recorded for my album, I demonstrate the blend settings of the preamp to show the difference between piezo and gooseneck mic, I demonstrate the amped sound, I then demo my original guitar with a different preamp, and at the very end I demo some more acoustic sounds by playing my songs. I also demonstrate things like piezo quack (piezo transducer pickup quack). To get the best impression of the sound, I recommend that you use headphones/earphones to listen to the review.

The guitar's product description can be found on the page.

I will also follow up this review with a video detailing exactly how I recorded my debut album at home on a budget, how I recorded vocals at the same time as playing guitar but in separate tracks, and the final sound engineering and mastering techniques I used. This follow up video will be available soon as exclusive content on my official facebook page and will only be available to page likers, so please Like the page. Thanks.

So without further ado, here is the video review... click on the embedded youtube review on the left, or use this review link to view the video on the youtube site, and here are some accompanying photos: