Paul Strummer - Singer Songwriter

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Paul Strummer your real name?

Paul? Yes. Strummer? No. But I like it as a stage name, it does what it says on the tin and nicely sums up my learning level of playing ability, hopefully setting people's expectations at the right level too. Joe also chose Strummer as a self-deprecating stage surname, and I like the idea of being a muso who doesn't take himself too seriously.

What type of guitar do you play?

I started off with an own brand Sapelli deluxe electro acoustic guitar, which costs £85, quite good value for money in my humble opinion. I used this for my first 2 albums, but since around March 2014 I've replaced this with a bigger no-brand from eBay dreadnought guitar which I've customised, and I'm currently using a own brand Harley Benton guitar which I've customised. I've also very recently started playing electric guitar too, and my electric guitar is a Quincy Oslo.

Do you do requests?

Unfortunately I'm not experienced enough, and do not know enough songs to be able to do requests. The few cover songs I do learn are not the usual sort of popular songs that commonly get requested either. Sorry.

Can you play an Oasis song?

Midnight at the Oasis...

If you have any other questions please contact me.